Saturday, 20 September 2014


pictures from the past week :)
sunday night bowling
I bought this at the airport. It has some pretty cool pictures of the A/W 2014 collections and I love their selection of the best street style pics
I went shopping in Dublin last week. I loved these Leigh jeans from Topshop. At first I was sceptical about jeans with slits across the knee because I have awful memories of nineties jean disasters but I've been converted
I also tried on this Topshop semi leather look dress. I thought the pleated skirt looked really cool but the material on the top made the dress look frumpy
I got this burgundy striped top and leather look pencil skirt in Forever 21
Im totally going to get this leopard print fur collar from River Island next week, I cant find it online so hopefully its still in store
I started collage again so I have so much reading to do. This book by James Joyce is my favourite so far. I sort of missed out on blogging about NY and London fashion week because I was so busy moving into my flat and starting uni and all but I'm going to post some of my favourite collections soon :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Cult of Love

It's my last week at home before I leave for college so I'm just hanging out in my room listening to music and watching movies. I stuck some pictures up on my wall, its a lot less than I had up last year but I love how it looks
I'm wearing so much pink today, most of my outfit is from Topshop. I bought the paisley mini skirt from my cousin because I loved it so much. Topshop are selling some really cute mini skirts atm
I bought these sandals in the Topshop sale, they were supposed to go with my coral dress for the wedding but they turned out to be more peach than pink but I couldn't bring myself to return them hehe
Too True by The Dum Dum Girls - I was listening to this record all day, hence the title Cult of Love
I watched Ciao! Manhattan last night. The movie is about the life of Edie Sedgwick and the late stages of the sixties revolution. Towards the end of the movie it starts to focus on mind control and aliens and to be honest I couldn't follow the plot at all haha. On the the back of the dvd there is a quote from The Village Voice which describes the film as "The Citizen Kane of the drug generation" so maybe that's why there was a wealthy business man influencing the other characters, maybe?? Although I did really enjoy the footage of the factory and Edie's Sedgwicks audio interviews (most of that footage is on youtube if you're interested). Edie died three months after the making of the film so it was interesting to see what she was like in the weeks leading up to her death. 
There is an article in the booklet by one of the directors David Weisman. He talks about the misfortunes of the Edie Sedgwick and Paul America and how they influenced the film's production. The film took almost five years to produce because the leading stars where unable to continue filming. Edie had suffered severe burns from a fire she accidentally started in her room at the Chelsea Hotel and Paul America was in jail for a narcotics charge. It is shocking how much of the film is based on real life events. One of the final scenes is filmed in Paul America's actual prison cell. The directors John Palmer and David Weisman struggled to make sense of the unfinished film so they decided to piece together the 35mm black and white footage of Edie Sedgwick in Manhattan with the footage of Edie Sedgwick in California creating a parallel between her glory days and her tragic downfall.  
I bought new makeup a few days ago. It's No.7's Stay Perfect Foundation in Cool Vanilla. I got a free makeup test in store, they put some kind of scanner thing against your skin, its weird but you get a really good match in the end. The foundation has really good coverage and lasts a long time. I got a foundation brush half price with it too :)
My pink bag from Warehouse. Warehouse have a really great collection this season, I love this leather jacket and this leopard print jumper
My Dad was working in Mexico and he brought me back some cool presents. I got a pink purse and a silver bracelet, its in the shape of pyramids. I also got this perfume by Bvlgari, it smells amazing :)

Friday, 29 August 2014

Band of Outsiders

beret - river island
top - topshop
skirt - topshop
bag - primark
sandals - vintage

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Week In Pictures

Last week it was my 20th birthday so my baby came over to visit :) We went bowling and I finished on two strikes in a row so you can just go ahead and call me the dude hehe We also went to an american diner and after drinking with friends. The next day my uncle got married so we got all fancy and tried to act like cool cats who were definitely not hungover
I got my dress at Littlewoods. Its been reduced twice since I bought it which is more than annoying. I got my clutch bag at Coast and my heels at Dunnes Stores. I decided to get my hair curled which a total mistake considering how windy it was that day.
I got the best presents for my birthday :) So far I've listened to all the records, read the first few chapters of The Last Picture Show and watched Les Chansons D'amour
Roll call : St. Vincent, Beat Happening, The VU, Dum Dum Girls, Les Chansons D'Amour, The Dreamers x3,  Edie, BB, The Last Picture Show, 60s fashion looks
I also got a goose because Im a silly goose
My baby hiding
ace reading material and an even better movie
I bought this black beret from river island for "my college look" 
my friend is moving to France for the year so we had a party for her
I also went to see Lucy. I'm not usually a fan of sci-fi or action movies but I really liked it, I think it was the girl power or the fact that I love any movie with Scarlett Johansson in it

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Maisie Cousins

book of prints from her degree show exhibition in June
Maisie Cousins is one of my favourite photographers and its not right that I haven't made a post about her already so for the next few minutes I will talk about why shes the coolest gal ever :)
I love her photography because it celebrates adolescence as a unique, free spirited, limitless experience. From a person who's idol is Mr Blobby she knows how to have fun with her work. She photographs her South London friends using her signature bold use of colour. The styling is as important to the artists aesthetic as it is to the subjects individuality; the fur coats, party dress and neon club gear reflect a generation raised on a wave of hegemony. She creates a world in which Generation Y reigns supreme and the adolescent remains a glammed and glittered pleasure-seeking club kid.

Model Lauren Reynolds
Model Camillie Auclair
Model Billie Turnball
Model Emily Bador wearing clothes by Rosie Newton

Her six page series for Vice (Tubular Belles) demonstrates how her portraits often respond and extend to the external environment. I think she achieves a unique intimacy with her subject which gives the photographs  power and conviction. Her message? Pleasure in defiance

Tubular Belles series for Vice
Model Sylvia Toh
Model Matty Boven
Model Emma Arvida
A major aspect of her work is the exploration of gender and sexuality. Her feature in Vice (Loveless) shows a modern dissatisfaction and indifference to the subject. Her recent studies of the female nude explores aspects of voyeurism in reference to frequent themes of pleasure and indulgence. Her mission is to encourage body love, nudity is not used for shock value but celebrated for its beauty. Her recent collages are like scenes from sci-fi movies, women pose like Venus on a kaleidoscopic background of colour. Men are treated with the same consideration, adorned with glitter, tinsel and colour filters. The lines between whats is considered male and female are intentionally blurred creating a singular epitome of a Maisie Cousins subject. 

Model Sam Voulters for Loveless featured in Vice
I cant explain the prawns???
Her work also extends to still life and video. Her still lifes explore themes of nature and indulgence. In an interview with cooler magazine she explains that her interest with indulgence began when after reading a quote from Lydia Lunch who said "I think its important to encourage gluttony in all its formats." Her video Crush is a lighthearted look at the relationship between woman and food. Her interest in video filters into her photography with layering and collages hinting towards a narrative. Recently she worked on a music video for Mokadem,  the video is very much an extension of her photography. Despite her success as a photographer, her dream is to become a filmmaker. 

Links to follow
  • Tart- a blog Maisie Cousins contributes to and a great platform for artists with similar aesthetics 
  • Instagram for sneak peaks, style choices and baben selfies
  • Vimeo for video updates
  • Depop for art prints and style steals
  • Tumblr for pics and q&a's
  • Her official website for official business

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


shirt - topshop
earrings - vintage
jeans - topshop
pop socks - dunnes stores
adidas - schuh

A few years ago I seen a girl wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a pair of Adidas and I thought it was the coolest, so being as original as ever I'm wearing my Topshop shirt with these purple suede Adidas from Schuh. My inspiration for the flower headband is from Wildfox swimwear collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion week. I was interviewed on Monday by the lovely Isabella on her blog The Pale Nymph :)