Thursday, 3 September 2015

Bedroom Makeover

I'm moving to Dublin tomorrow and I'm actually so sad to be leaving my room. I'm so emotionally attached to all my things that I'm bringing like four suitcases with me hehe I decorated my room about a month ago and I love how it looks. I painted the walls and put up the wallpaper with my mum so I've learnt a lot about DIY and why not to do it yourself :P still it does give you some satisfaction to see it all finished. I bought the wallpaper and curtains at Harry Corry and I mixed the paint myself to save money. I also got a few new things for my bedroom
I got the bed linen and cushion from Penneys three years ago and the teddy bear is from my trip to Blackpool last year :)
I have two posters on either side of my bed. I got The Smiths one with the Rank vinyl
My bedside locker featuring the book I'm currently reading. Its called Champagne Supernovas its about the fashion industry in the nineties and focuses on Kate Moss, Alexander Mc Queen and Marc Jacobs. My glitter lava lamp is from Argos and the desk lamp is from Dunnes Stores. The mirror is from a GHD gift set
I got the Blondie poster with the 40th anniversary vinyl. I got The Beatles lunchbox at The Beatles themed Cirque du Soleil show that I went to about four years ago. I keep all my ticket stubs in it. I also have a Diana F+ camera that I bought from Amazon and a Polaroid that I got at a second hand shop
My Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroe box print that I bought at the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Mac in Belfast
A Blow Up poster that I got from ebay
Harry Corry curtain and tie
glow in the dark solar system stickers that I've had on my ceiling since I was eight :p
I got this 5x4 photo frame from Penneys 
My desk featuring my hp laptop, a clock from TK Maxx , a memory box and my books
notebooks :)
some of my favourite books
some ticket stubs and pictures of idols. I got the mirror from a second hand shop and I decorated the light switch with stickers
I got these white rose fairy lights from Penneys and the mirror is from Dunnes Stores
my record player and record collection. The player is really my dads so its very old, it also has a cassette player and cd changer
my dressing table that has been taken over by music related things. The mini jukebox was a Christmas present from my parents. I tend to gather a lot of trinkets but I put a lot of it away this week because I was struggling to see my mirror :P

Sunday, 30 August 2015


hat - penneys
dress - next
necklace - topshop
belt - penneys

I got this hat in Penneys and I love it, I've been wanting a black floppy hat for ages. My dress is from Next, I rarely shop in Next but I was at the sales with mum and thought this dress was pretty. I was cleaning my room today and I found this silver rabbit necklace, I thought I had lost it. This Warpaint album is my favourite thing to listen to when I'm having a lazy Sunday. Im closing my depop next week so take a look at my items :)

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I've had such a busy August. It was my 21st birthday, I went to Paris and I found a place to live in Dublin for September. Its my final year studying English and Film so this time next year I'll hopefully be a graduate!! :)
^^ this is the view from our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Vaneau Saint Germain which is in a quiet but really pretty district of Paris.We arrived quite late on our first day so we just went out for food. I would definitely recommend booking some kind of shuttle or taxi from the airport because public transport in Paris is a nightmare when you have really heavy luggage :P
We ate in a restaurant next to our hotel called Zero Zero Sevres. It was really nice so we went back of couple of times
The next day we walked to The Tuileries Gardens, we got lost quite a bit but everything is so pretty in Paris that there's always something nice to see
pictures at the Seine
We also went to the Centres Georges Pompidou. It's a modern art museum housing works by artists a like Picasso, Matisse and Pollock. They are also holding a Velvet Underground exhibition at the moment but we arrived too late to see it :( There's such an extensive collection there and I would definitely recommend taking some time out to see it
the building itself was really cool, each level had a open courtyard with great views of Paris
a Picasso notebook that I bought at the Centre Pompidou
On the third day we went to the Eiffel Tower. Its a must see when you go to Paris, it just feels so quintessentially French even if it only ever seems to be visited by tourists. It's also the best place to get souvenirs for family and friends because there's lots of markets selling all kinds of knick knacks 
We also went to the Arc de Triomphe. I loved it as much as the Eiffel Tower. I didn't realize you can also also climb to the top of it
walking down The Champs Elysees pretending I'm Jean Seberg
We also managed to fit in the Louvre that day too. We went at around 4pm which is a great time to go if you want to avoid the long queues
Honestly, I didn't enjoy the Louvre half as much as I enjoyed the Centre Pompidou. Its such a big place that you really need to know what you want to see and where it is exactly. Now I understand why it took Anna Karina 9 minutes and 43 seconds to run through the Louvre. Also the Mona Lisa is surrounded by so many people all the time that you can barely see it :L
On our way home we stopped off at the Notre Dame Cathedral
There was a service on when we visited which meant all the tourists were crammed along the sides of the church, it felt disrespectful and we couldn't see anything with the crowds so we didn't stay long
The building itself is so beautiful though
That evening we tried to find the Moulin Rouge but we ended up in a really dodgy area :L so we got the metro back to Notre Dame and had dinner there
On the Saturday it was my 21st birthday and I got the best french related card hehe
We decided to go shopping so we went to the Printemps and the Galleries Lafayette. The Printemps is a department store with brands like Pull and Bear, Cheap Monday and Eleven Paris. While the Galleries Lafayette sells high end designer clothing. It was so busy when we visited, maybe it was because it was a Saturday but I have a feeling its always that busy
The inside of the store is really pretty and I would have went crazy in the perfume section if I had the time (and money) hehe
We took a boat from the Eiffel Tower on our way back to the hotel. It's a lot nicer way to travel to each place because you miss out on a lot of nice sites when you take the metro. We went on the Batobus which allows you to hop on and off all day. We got off at the Saint Germain Les Pres district
It is a really pretty area of Paris and I would love to go back to explore it more
I got dressed up in my new dress from Topshop and went out for my birthday surprise which just so happened to be dinner at the Eiffel Tower (yes I am so spoilt hehe)
We had dinner at 8:30 which is a perfect time because you get to see the sun set over Paris
The dinner and wine was so nice and I really enjoyed it. After dinner we walked around the first floor and looked at the views of Paris at night
I really loved Paris, theres so many things to do and see and I would go back tomorrow
Before I left my parents got me an amazing chocolate cake, three layers with a marshmallow filling. It was a blessing and a curse that I wasn't around all week to finish it
Me and my family went out for food at The Yellow Pepper which is my favourite place to eat when Im at home. I got this dress in Topshop after I seen Emma Willis wear at a Big Brother eviction night hehe
I've rambled so much in this post :L I hope you enjoyed my travel diary/life update :)