Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wolf Alice,The Big Moon and My Final Weeks At Uni

I haven't posted in so long because I've been so busy at college. I'm currently doing my last few assignments ever! I've posted some photos of what I've been up to since March
At the start of the month, I went to see The Big Moon at Workmans in Dublin. They were so so good, you should definitely try and see them if you can. I think they will be playing at a lot of festivals in the UK this year. I personally love The Road and Nothing Without You
I also went to see Wolf Alice in Cardiff, they were really good. Giant Peach was one of my favourite songs this year.  
I wish I had enough money for merch because the you're a germ tee looked so cool
I also went to the cinema while I was home. I saw 10 Cloverfield Lane and loved it. I cant wait to watch it again when it comes out on DVD
I also seen The Witch in Dublin. Surprisingly, The Witch didn't come out in a lot of cinemas in Ireland but I made it to one of the last showings in Cineworld. I really liked this movie too, it was pretty spooky and Ana Taylor Joy's acting was so good
I also went to a college formal this month. I wore a coral maxi dress from Coast and I got my hair put up by Peter Mark
I was getting super bored sitting at home writing essays so I went to Tower Records. It was a few days after record store day so I missed a lot of the special releases but there was a lot of discounted records
I got Lana Del Rey's Born to Die for only €15 which is cool because they used to sell them for €30
I also got Back to Black for only €15 :) I've been wanting to get it for ages
so I'm currently drowning in books and essays but I only have two more weeks until I hand in my last assignment and then I'm free ...

Friday, 18 March 2016

St. Patrick's Day at Glenveagh National Park

It was such nice weather this St. Patrick's Day that I decided to skip the parade and go for a walk in Glenveagh National Park :)
I took most of the photos on my Nikon D3100 but it ran out of battery so the last few were taken on my iphone
I got tea and cake in the castles cafe. I got St Patricks Day themed green aero cheesecake which is actually a lot nicer than it looks

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Comme Des Garcons Play

leather jacket - sold out similar here
vintage comme des garcons play tee - heavy soul vintage @ etsy
black jamie jeans - topshop
adidas - office

I got this Comme Des Garcons t-shirt for just €30 from a vintage shop on etsy. They sell vintage  branded clothes like Fred Perry, Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger. Etsy have the best value vintage clothes and I love their handmade items so much. I'm trying to stop myself from spending all my money on enamel pins, they are literally so cool

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Grimes for Teen Vogue

I am so in love with Grimes's editorial for the April issue of Teen Vogue. I love the styling of the JW Anderson trousers and the Stella McCartney dress. In the upcoming issue, Stella McCartney is in conversation with Grimes about image, tattoos and Art Angels. Grimes is featured alongside Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon, model Amanda Stenberg and model Kenya Kinski Jones in the campaign for Stella McCartney's new fragrance Pop. In the interview McCartney shares some love for Grimes - "for my Pop campaign I wanted to represent young women in a way that is not normally seen in beauty. That's why I was drawn to you." 
You can read the full interview on the Teen Vogue website

Saturday, 5 March 2016

February in Pictures

February has been a busy month, because its my final year at uni, I've had so much work but I managed to fit in a few little things :)
At the start of the month, I went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. I love visiting this museum because the building itself and the grounds are so beautiful. It also helps that its free for students
literally everything is this aesthetically pleasing
I went to see an exhibition on surrealism called What We Call Love. I enjoyed seeing Dali's couple with their head full of clouds but the rest of the exhibition was a little disappointing tbh
I bought a pair of Adidas this month because I need some proper shoes to walk to college in. I bought white gazelles because I wasn't really sure if the superstars would suit me. I got them in Office because they were offering 25% student discount at the time
It's been super cold and rainy this month. I escaped the cold weather for all of last year but its finally here and I'm currently recovering from the cold :( At least there has been some nice skies like this one  :)
At the start of the month, I went to see Chris. We went to Frankie and Bennys which is practically our date night restaurant at this point hehe I'm not complaining though, the food there is great
we also went our for a friends birthday and I got super drunk so lets just skip on past that
I met up with some family too. We went to a sushi place in Dublin called Tippenyaki. The sushi came in a cute little boat so I took a picture aha After sushi, we went to see The Revenant. I didn't expect to like it but I ended up loving it. 
I bought these boots in a shoe store in Letterkenny when I was shopping with my mum. They were reduced to €20 so I was like yas please. They are also super comfy because they are really soft in the inside
last week Chris came over to visit :) I got a cold towards the end of the week so we had to cancel our cute date night but we did manage to go out for drinks before he left :) 
and one night I got a knickerbocker glory and a strawberry daiquiri from Captain Americas, it was so nice.. mmm

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lyla Loves Wishlist + 20% discount

I made a few wishlists of my favourite jewellery from Lyla Loves. They are a super affordable brand and they are currently offering a 20% discount. They sell cute dainty earrings, layered necklaces and awesome rings. 

You can get a 20% discount by following this link
Offer expires on the 13th of June

Lyla Loves Silver

I really love the detail in the tea cup necklace and drop earrings. I also think the compass ring is super cool

Lyla Loves Gold

Ring / Ring / Mother's Day Gifts / Mother's Day Gifts / Mother's Day Gifts / Mother's Day Gifts / Rings - Lyla Loves

Lyla Loves sell really pretty bohemian multi-layered necklaces like this white and gold one. I also love the cut-out rings and twisted knot bracelet
Lyla Loves Dainty Gold

Ring / Ring / Ring / Ring / Bracelet, €3,88 / Necklaces, €3,88 / Cut-out Bird Earrings, €3,88 / Valentine's

How cool are the oragami bird earrings and the skull ring!!

20% discount link

Monday, 22 February 2016

Sophia Webster Autumn/Winter 2016

I should be studying now but I couldn't resist posting about Sophia Webster's Autumn/Winter 2016 presentation at London fashion week. The presentation is a collaboration between shoe-queen Sophia Webster and queen of everything else Edward Meadham. I didn't expect to see Edward Meadham grace my instagram feed this morning because of the closure of Meadham Kirchhoff six months ago so I was very pleasantly surprised to see such an amazing collaboration. In an interview with AnOther magazine, Edward Meadham reveals that Sophia's inspiration for the collection drew from Lydia Deetz from the film Beetlejuice (played by Winona Ryder) and Miss Havisham from Dicken's Great Expectations. 

Although Sophia's collection has taken a gothic turn, her playful feminine style remains in the butterfly adorned stilettos, crystal encrusted clutches and crushed velvet bows. Meadham translates Sophia's gothic femininity into clothing by creating delicate lace veils, flower crowns and satin mini dresses. Meadham's signature use of tulle gives a personal mark to the collaboration. The influence of Lydia Deetz can be seen in the veiled headpieces, the thigh high lace up heels, and the beaded clutch bag that reads "I myself am strange and unusual". The statement bags which make unapologetic jokes like "bored to death" and "drop dead gorgeous" inject a touch of black humour into the collection.

The drama of the presentation is partly due to the setting at Soho's House of Saint Barnabus. The collection is presented to the backdrop of beautiful stained windows lit with purple mood lighting. Some of the shoes and bags are presented on boxes of dead flowers and dried butterflies which give the presentation a Dicken-esque feel. The gothic drama leads to the presentation of the wedding dress inspired by Miss Havisham. The dress is made from reems of lace which form a trail at the back and cling to the chapel's wall at the front. Part of the lace dress is cut out, frayed and torn to resemble decay. Webster's intricate white lace heels are visible under the frayed lace. The model also holds a tongue in cheek clutch bag which reads "wifey for lifey". I love the drama, fun and gothic romance of this collection... plus the shoes are to die for!