Thursday, 18 December 2014

Georgia May Jagger for Vogue Russia January 2015

Model: Georgia May Jagger
Photographer: Ellen  Von Unwerth
Stylist: Melaine Huynh

November Spawned A Monster

Sorry I haven't been able to post in ages :( but I'm back with some amazing news ---> I seen Morrissey live!!!
He opened with the Queen Is Dead, followed by Suedehead. I have to admit that I did get a little emotional mid way through Suedehead but lets just keep that our little secret. He also played Asleep but Im nto really into it as much as other Smiths songs
The setlist mostly consisted of his latest album, World Peace of None of Your Business. I like the title track but I think a lot of the other songs are quite lame (sorry Moz). He finished with Everyday is like Sunday, I couldn't have asked for a better encore
Belfast City Hall
I went to Belfast a few weeks ago to see Robert Plant for my Dad's birthday. To be honest, it was a pretty awful gig. Robert Plant has lost all his ability to perform and every song seemed to drag on forever. I would have left early if I wasn't with my family. Despite that, I had a lovely day in Belfast :)
I went to see Chris for his 21st :) He got a new guitar for his birthday (its in the background) I christened it Keef
I bought a build a bear. I named him Mick Jagger because he looks so groovy
I went to the Manic Street Preachers at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin last weekend. They played The Holy Bible in full before playing another setlist. I managed to dance to The Holy Bible which is a victory in my eyes :P James wore a sailor outfit and Niki wore an army jacket/glitter hehe
Im so glad to be home for Christmas, Im going to sit back and be lazy mess for a month :L

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

on an exceptionally rainy tuesday night

the past few weeks...
I bought this grey and white plaid coat in Forever 21 two weeks ago,.I love it because it's petite and not totally oversized like most boyfriend coats
I won an award for an Art History project I did last year.. yay :) I got a small cash prize so I spent it all on a book on Pauline Boty that I've wanted ever since I wrote this post. It's mostly about her life but there are also some great pictures of her and her work
My new Topshop shoes surviving a particularly rainy day
I went to this little gift shop on Wicklow Street, the ceiling is literally covered in chandeliers. It was open at like 9:30pm at night... for all your 24 hour gift shopping needs??
I really want one of these Dali clocks for my future surrealist home
I got these ghost fairy lights in a pound shop, they're so cute that I'm going to leave them up all year hehe
About two weeks ago I saw the Crocodiles in Birmingham. ^^^This is a pic of my boyfriend playing Jet Boy Jet Girl with them
I got my hair cut today. Its a little shorter but basically the same. I bought this wine faux leather mini skirt in Pull and Bear. It looks so cool but I feel bad because I'm so supposed to be saving.. opps 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Suki Waterhouse in Vogue Russia

Suki Waterhouse in this month's Vogue Russia. 
Photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth
Styled by Sascha Lilic

Blow Up/ A Hard Days Night
Edie Sedgwick/ Studio 54
purple prada queen

BB looks

shades, fur and knee high boots
the ultimate print coat

marianne faithfull in the girl on a motrocycle/total bombshell

all photos from Fashion Gone Rouge

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Angst Child

It's the last day to pre-order with Angst Child. They are closing down at midnight SGT time which is 4pm GMT time and 11am EST (time conversion is too confusing). It will re-open again on the 1st of November with a slight change in prices so today is the best time to buy :)

All photos are from Angst Child's instagram

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Reject Everything: Meadham Kirchhoff S/S 15

Meadham Kirchhoff's prayer tree
Models backstage
illustration by Natalia Sanabria
not your typical casting call
Chris Berchie
the manifesto 
"freedom is not true"

illustration by Janelle Burger
Poly Stryene hair and Siouxsie Sioux eyes
beauty tips
Viv Albertine hair
guy hate
fem hate
sorting and contorting the shoe
illustration by Natalia Sanabria
Edward Meadham and his dog Trojan

all the above images have been stolen from various instagrams (I do plan to provide sources Im just soo tired tonight)

 I am literally two weeks late talking about London Fashion week but I'm so busy with college atm I barely know what day it is haha I didn't get the chance to watch a lot of the shows online, most of the lfw coverage reached me via instagram and tumblr which is in fact relevant considering the majority of Meadham Kirchhoff's models are social network regulars. The casting call for the "non typical modal" gives an indication to Meadham Kirchhoff's unconventional collection.

 Until lfw Meadham Kirchhoff was labeled as the designer of all things cute and cuddly, the spring summer 2015 collection is the complete opposite. The duo present pornographic slogan tees, transformer style bodysuits with peek holes for the boys and pointed triangle bras for the girls, a white dress with red strings resembling a bloody tampon, nipple stickers, cut latex and shoes that are deliberately unwalkable. Everything about this collections screams rebellion. Even the set works to upset expectation, with a mountain of junk art engrossing the stage and a tree with ribbons and tampons hanging over audience. 

Guests were given a zine containing a list of insults commonly used against men and women and a list of likes and hates. Likes being the collection's most prominent influences i.e. Viviane Westwood, Viv Albertine, Kathleen Hanna, Quentin Crisp and other figures of the feminist/queer movement. The list of hates being conformity, censorship, high street shit, Putin, propaganda. The list of hates reveals some of the reasons behind Meadham Kirchhoff's new-found anger. It seems Edward and Ben have been subject to pressure from the fashion industry to stay within their prescribed expectation, sectioned off as a subculture with its own specific demographic of followers. 

"Freedom is not True." 

The designer is not free from the industry and men and women are not free from prejudice.
Rip it up and start again. Reject gender appropriation, rebel against cultural positioning and transform the archetype of the fashion model.